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I am obsessed with AWS, the cloud and all things related.

Hello everyone!

I hope you have all had a wonderful day. I am today adding another service to my #100DaysofAWS. Today, on day 36, I am talking about an extremely popular BI service, which can enable massive insights into your business operations.

This is AWS QuickSight!

Amazon quick site is a cloud powered business intelligence service that lets you deliver easy-to-understand insights to all of your employees / stakeholders, in a fast and reliable way.

AWS QuickSight can connect and analyze your data wherever it exists, whether that is native AWS services hosted on the AWS Cloud, spreadsheets or even…

Hi all!

On Today’s edition of the #100DaysofAWS Series, I thought I would take a step back.

Everyone always refers to ‘The Cloud’ without really understanding what it is.

I thought today I would explain more in detail what the Cloud is, and some benefits of using it compared to using your own Data Centre.

The Cloud may sound like this big scary concept, but it really isn’t! As the image states at the top of this page, There is no Cloud! It really is just someone else’s computer!

AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM Cloud, there are many providers out there…

Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to add another post to my #100DaysofAWS series, in which Iam going to talk about a service which enables you to make most of the storage services available on AWS, in a on-premise solution. This is AWS Storage Gateway!

Storage Gateway is a way of extending an backing up your on premise storage into the AWS cloud. There are many reasons why you would like to do this — for example:

  • Improved Disaster Recovery
  • Store your backups in a cheaper way, with less overhead to manage them
  • Improve your RTO / RPO

The elasticity…

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog about The Well-Architected Framework — one of many of my posts in the #100DaysofAWS series in which I write as much as I can about as many AWS Services as I can!

I have touched on the Well-Architected Framework in an aforementioned blog post about passing the Cloud Practitioner Exam, but today I am going to explain in more detail each of the Five Pillars, in order to get a great understanding of how to use each Pillar to construct excellent architecture in the AWS Cloud.

The Framework describes important architectural concepts, design best…

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to my series all about cool AWS Services, called #100DaysofAWS. Today I am talking about a service that helps you analyze data that exists in your S3 buckets!

This is Amazon Athena.

Have you heard of SQL Before?

If you’ve followed my posts on here you will have seen me briefly mention it.

It standard for Structured Query Language, and it is the way many databases have been built, and this is what is referred to when you hear about a Relational Database.

SQL is simply the language used for extracting and organizing any data that…

Hey everyone.

Thanks for joining me again for another post in my #100daysofAWS series.

Today we aren’t talking about a service per say, but a fundamental component of cloud computing that is really important to get your head around if you are looking to pass certifications or get a job in the cloud computing landscape.

This is a concept that applies to all of the major cloud providers and cloud computing in general, but I will obviously discuss it through the lens of AWS as that it may go to CSP.

Without further ado, let's look at the Shared Responsibility…

Good Morning Everyone! Welcome back to yet another post for my #100daysofAWS series.

Today we are on day 30, and we are going to discuss one of AWS’s coolest collections of services. The Snow Family is a collection of physical devices which can help you achieve your storage and edge computing needs.

How many members are there in the snow family?

There are 4 members to this happy family: Snowcone, Snowball, Snowball Edge, and the big daddy, Snowmobile!

Let’s get started by looking at Snowcone.

AWS Snowcone is the smallest member of the AWS Snow Family. This baby is portable…

Good day!

Today we are going to add another day to our #100DaysofAWS blog post series, in which we talk about a number of things AWS related.

Today we are going to talk about a data warehousing solution which is one of the most widely used products of its type on the market.

This is Amazon Redshift!

Today we are talking about a fully managed, petabyte sized data warehouse. I hear some of you ask, well Jack, what is a data warehouse?

A Data Warehouse is used to analyze (run SQL queries against) massive data sets in order to get…

Hello there everyone!

Welcome back! We have reached 28 days in our #100DaysofAWS journey. Today I am getting back to the AWS services, as the last two posts have been more about how to start your journey as a cloud professional.

I am today going to be talking about a service that can help enterprise companies stream and analyze data on a huge scale! Today we discuss Amazon Kinesis.

Kinesis is a scalable and durable real-time data streaming service that can ingest and analyze massive amounts of data in real-time, and from many different sources.

Kinesis is not just one…

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to day 27 of my #100DaysofAWS blog.

Before we get back into the services tomorrow, I am going to talk about one of the main ways you can improve your chances of getting hired for your first Cloud Role. These Hobby Projects will demonstrate you ability to understand and build highly complex and redundant solutions in the AWS Cloud, and help give you an edge in your job search.

Without formal work experience it is difficult to show prospective employers how well you understand the AWS Cloud, and how to actually perform your job role as…

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