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I am obsessed with AWS, the cloud and all things related.

Welcome to another post for my #100DaysofAWS series of posts.

Today, I will be talking about AWS SQS.

What is SQS?

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fully managed message queuing service. It enables you to decouple and scale your microservice applications distributed systems, as well as serverless applications.

When you use SQS, you can store, send, and receive messages between software components at any volume, without losing any messages or requiring any of your other services to be available.

What is a messaging system anyway?

You may be familiar with some popular (non AWS) messaging services like RabbitMQ or Sidekiq. They are used to provide asynchronous communication…

Good morning everyone! Thanks a lot of checking in again with my series of posts #100DaysofAWS, where I outline a different AWS feature everyday. Welcome to day 15! This is all about AWS SNS, AKA the Simple Notification Service.

What is SNS?

The Simple Notification Service is a fully managed pub/sub messaging service with the ability to send email, SMS and mobile push notifications.

You can either use A2A (Application to Application) or A2P (Application to Person) communication to enable you to decouple your applications and provide functional pub/sub models at any scale.

The A2A pub/sub functionality is a high-throughput…

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to my series, #100DaysofAWS.

Today we are looking at a lesser-known service. It is still however an extremely powerful addition to the retinue of AWS services and is an example of the cloud being used in a fascinating way. This is AWS CloudSearch!

So, what is CloudSearch?

CloudSearch is a simple way to provide a scalable, managed search tool for your website in the cloud. You can easily set up and maintain a cost-effective search tool very quickly using the AWS Management Console or the CLI. As with many other services, there are no upfront costs, and you can start…

Hello everyone!

In this edition of #100daysofAWS, I am touching on a service I have previously discussed — S3. In that previous blog post (linked here) I spoke about the different security classes that exist in S3. As S3 is such an important service I am today doing a whole blog post just about the security aspects of S3.

First of all, let’s have a brief recap on what S3 is.

What is S3?

S3 (Simple Storage Service) is AWS’s proprietary object-level storage solution, which can store a near unlimited number of objects for any use case imaginable. It is an extremely scalable…

Good Morning!

Today we are going to talk about an all-encompassing aspect of AWS Cloud. We all get one by default in every region of your AWS account, and they can prove a valuable tool to logically and securely separate your solutions running on AWS. This post today in our #100DaysofAWS series is about the VPC or Virtual Private Cloud.

The VPC is a service that allows you to build your own logically and securely isolated area of the AWS Cloud. You could almost think of it as your own personal data center, with the ability to slice it up…

Good Morning! Welcome to Day 11 of my series #100DaysofAWS!

Today we will talk about a service that allows you to spin up workloads quickly and securely using code. This is CloudFormation!

If you are looking to deploy a whole range of AWS services to work together to make a functional application, this is a time-consuming process. Not only do you have to manage the building and implementation of the services, but you have to stop them all when you are not using them, in order to not incur a cost.

The increased risk of misconfiguration of the architecture of…

We made it! We made it to day 10, in our #100DaysofAWS series of posts here on Medium.

Today, we will talk about a service used widely in AWS for many different applications and purposes. This is AWS Lambda.

Lambda allows you to run your code in the cloud in a simple and highly scalable way without having to configure any infrastructure. This is what is known as a ‘serverless’ service.

What does this mean?

Whilst all serverless services do actually use servers and hardware at one level, the user does not have to configure any kind of computing environment, or any parameters to…


Welcome to another blog post about another AWS service in my #100DaysofAWS series.

Today we will be discussing one of AWS’s most popular, powerful, and adaptable services. Amazon RDS!

So what is RDS?

RDS stands for Relational Database Service, and this is AWS’s managed collection of a number of different SQL databases, which have all the functionality of the database you choose, coupled with the agility and high availability you get from utilizing the cloud.

RDS makes it easy to set up and scale up relational databases. …

Good Morning!

Welcome to another post in my series of #100DaysofAWS.

Today we will move away from the more familiar and fundamental service and move towards a configuration management tool known as AWS OpsWorks!

OpsWorks is a configuration management tool that provides AWS Managed instances of the well-known automation platforms known as Chef and Puppet. This service is widely used amongst DevOps teams to work more efficiently and ensures the enabling of continuous automation across all IT processes.

Why use configuration management anyway?

When you are building a new application for your users, you want to be able to get new features and updates out…

Welcome to my 7th Blog Post about AWS services which I have dubbed #100DaysofAWS. This post is all about another famous service that is fairly similar to what we covered yesterday, which was CloudWatch. This blog post today is talking about one of AWS’s integral services — CloudTrail.

In the most simple way, CloudWatch can be described as a service to use when you want to know who to blame. …

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